WSP/ATR Submissions due 30 April – What you need to know.

Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports to be submitted to your relevant SETAs between 1 February to 30 April annually.

What is SDL:

Skills Development Levies (SDL) are a type of tax or financial contribution that employers are typically required to pay in many countries to fund skills development initiatives and programs. These levies are designed to promote workforce development, improve the skills and qualifications of employees, and ultimately enhance the competitiveness of the labour force and economy.

How much SDL does a company pay?

1% of the total monthly salaries (including overtime payments, leave pay, bonuses, commissions, and lump sum payments).

Total Mandatory Grant:

Mandatory Grants consist of 20% of a company’s annual SDL payments to SARS.

The following is a guideline of which documents and information is needed for a successful WSP/ATR submission:

Benefits of submitting a WSP/ATR:

Submissions deadline is the 30th of April 2024, don’t miss out on these submissions.