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The Basic Conditions of Employment Act stipulates that when an employee is absent for longer than 2 consecutive days, or on more than 2 occasions during an 8 week period, the employee must submit a medical certificate.

If the employee works less than 024 hours per month.

When an employee’s faculties are impaired to such an extent that he is unable to perform his / her tasks entrusted to him / her with skill expected of sober person for example, he / she has bloodshot / red eyes, unsteady on the feet, slurred speech.

Firstly we begin to question the amount of days the employee works per week and whether the company form part of a sectoral determination or Bargaining Council.The Basic conditions Act provides for 21 consecutive days / 15 working days of annual leave per annum. It can be calculated pro rata as 1 hour/day for every 17 hours/days of work.

Sick leave depends on how many days the employee has worked, for a 5 day week, an employee will get 30 days over a 3 year period. Then if an employee works a 6 day week, they will get 36 days for a year period.

Expired sick leave cannot be carried over and an employee is to only receive pro rata sick leave for the first 6 months of employment (1 day for every 26 days worked),  once the 6 months have passed, they may take the full 30/36 days all at once provided that they provide proof of incapacity.

Yes,  as it eliminates all uncertainty in the future with employees.

Having a contract in place projects both the employee and employer, in terms of certainty with working hours, working days, whether the employee is required to work overtime or public holidays, whether the employee consents to deductions made if they commit a misconduct.

Yes, regardless of the evidence the company has and regardless of previous warnings on file, the Labour Relations Act, prescribes that an employee must be subjected to fair process and procedure. This means that should a company wish to dismiss an employee based on misconduct, the company need to place the employee in a disciplinary hearing before they are dismissed.  

No No, a fixed term contract is not to monitor an employee’s performance. A fixed term contract must be used in relation to the justifiable reasons that are stipulated in the Labour Relations Act.

Essentially a fixed term contract is in place for companies where the work itself is limited and or whether a justifiable reason exist.