Employment Equity

Employment equity refers to a set of policies and practices aimed at promoting equal opportunities for employment and advancement in the workplace, particularly for historically disadvantaged or underrepresented groups. The objective of employment equity is to eliminate discrimination and create a more inclusive and equitable work environment. While the specific characteristics and groups covered may vary from one jurisdiction to another, common areas of focus in employment equity initiatives include gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, and sometimes other factors like sexual orientation and religion.

The specific requirements and strategies related to employment equity can vary widely depending on the jurisdiction and the organization’s size and industry. The ultimate aim is to create workplaces that are free from discrimination, foster inclusivity, and provide equal opportunities for all employees to succeed and advance in their careers.

Course Index

  • Introduction to the employment equity act, 55 of 1998
  • Prohibition of unfair discrimination
  • Affirmative action
  • Employment equity in code of good practice
  • Diversity management and the impact of industry charters

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