Human Resource Level 1

• This course will improve attendees ability to work in a team.
• Factors that affect an effective team and address barriers in teamwork.
• Introduce new staff to the workplace
• Demonstrate understanding of employment relations in an organisation.
• Factors that affect an effective team
• Industrial relations policy

 Junior Management

* This course will improve managerial skills and help
with application of managerial skills.
• Conducting a meeting and general scenarios.
• How to deal with different views in a meeting.
• A technique is used to create progress in a meeting according to
recognised theory and practice.
• Techniques include, but are not limited to, Task lists,
diarising, prioritising and the implementation thereof.
• Creating, implementing and maintaining a personal and team task list.
• Using and maintaining a diary.
• Prioritising personal and team tasks.
• Implementing and maintaining a task list.

Resource & Decision making in the workplace

• Evaluation and measurement techniques required for decision making.
• This course will focus on resolving arguments in the workplace.
• How to identify and develop objects.
• Determine and monitor elements of a budget in a area of responsibility.
• Monitoring and controlling actual expenses against an budget.

Marketing 101

Define what is marketing and how to build a good marketing team.
How to apply marketing strategies in the workplace. It will give a company more
knowledge regarding marketing and keep the marketing team motivated.

Basic Conditions of Employment in the Workplace

Designed to answer basic questions about conditions of employment.

Basic Occupational Health & Safety Representative

Section 17(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulates that if a workplace has more than 20 employees, a Safety Representative must be appointed in writing. In order to meet the requirements, set by the Department of Labour, the appointed Safety Representative must have had certified training. (Non credit bearing)

Employment Equity

Designed to equip attendees with the necessary knowledge to comply with the requirements set out by the Employment Equity Act. The training will take the attendee through a systematic approach of full compliance thus preparing the stakeholders for Equity Audits and/or any other requirements set out for B-BBEE and Skills Development

Basic Fire Fighting

This course contributes to compliance with your organisation’s Health and Safety standards. Individuals who has been nominated as a Basic Fire Fighter should attend. Here they will learn basic fire fighting skills for fire emergency readiness within the workplace. (Non credit bearing)

Leadership and Mentoring

The aim of the programme is to improve the thinking and communicating abilities of a coach within the work environment. It covers skills transfer methods and approaches.

HIV and AIDS – Awareness Training

This course aims to address any misperceptions about HIV and AIDS. It introduces treatment and support platforms, with preventative measures that can be taken.

Customer Service

The aim of this programme is to improve the experience of the customer, as well as striving to achieve overall excellent service. It identifies pitfalls to look out for and appropriate quick responses.

Computers in the Workplace: A beginner’s guide

This course will serve as a thorough introduction to personal computing and give you an understanding of how computers work. Basic typing and desktop browsing is included.

Basic Excel Spreadsheet Training

This course will serve as to make use of Basic Spreadsheet applications in the workplace. Typing, how to use formulas in a worksheet. The course also implement all the necessary information to work on Basic Excel independently in the workplace.

The Personal Assistant

This course aims to empower PA’s with the skills and knowledge to understand and deal with their managers and clients. Course content includes practical guidance in dealing with office administration, planning, scheduling of appointments and arranging day to day tasks and events.

First Aid – Level 1 (D.o.L Accredited)

Every business with 10 or more employees is required by Law to have a First Aider in the workplace. This course introduces basic life support that should be applied, within the workplace, until emergency services arrive.