Renette Geldenhuys

My Name is Renette Geldenhuys and I recently completed by BCOM Business management customized for operational Risk Degree at the Davinci institute for higher learning. I am a qualified ETDP Practitioner registered at ETDP Seta, I am also a Qualified Assessor, moderator and skills development Facilitator registered at Sassesta. I am currently busy with my NEBOSH international Certificate. My hobbies are doing research, reading, and Shooting competitions I am a qualified as a level 3 first aider and advance fire fighter. I am also a qualified firearm instructor qualified in the training of shotguns and semi-automatic handguns. I am very passionate about training and development.


Feedback for First aid level 1

Facilitator was vibrant and energetic, gave an excellent presentation on the course had a great sense of humor and made the course exciting and enjoyable.

Feedback Human Resources

Renette is a very good facilitator with great people’s skills and a way of making you feel comfortable within her presence and I really enjoyed her training she has an ability to make information stick. She is also very funny as well as a twist to her.

HIV Aids

Renette was very professional and knowledgeable on the subject, She is fluent and shared a story that was very impactful

Irvan Kekae


I started my career as a Telemarketing, and thereon decided to become a Sales consultant. I was an external Skills Development Facilitator as well.

Being a Training Facilitator has been the most invigorating experience thus far. Working with people has always been my passion and I make sure that the attendees can confirm that when they leave my classroom every day.


“My facilitator was a great teacher. He allowed us all to participate and made sure that we understood everything clearly “

“ Our facilitator was great and understandable. He is very kind, patient and knows how to teach well”

“Irvan is an awesome facilitator. Good understanding and listens to all questions. He explains everything until you understand”

Gavin Scullard


Training, and Skills Development Facilitator of SDC Consult. I have been presenting training for 5 years and I still enjoy it every day as much as I enjoyed my first. I am an enthusiastic and very positive person with the sole purpose of making my training enjoyable whilst being informative.


“I really enjoyed the course. It was insightful & interesting. The facilitator made the learning enjoyable. “

“Thank you! It was very informative and interesting. I appreciated your jokes to keep us on our toes and interested! “

“It was very informative; facilitator was professional and could answer the questions with good examples and explanations. Will definitely recommend this course to anyone who works with Employment Equity.”

Kebalepile Ramafoko

Kebalepile Ramafoko, is our Junior Facilitator with amazing people skills, currently doing her BA Psychology and Languages degree at the North West University.


“She did an excellent job, I am so happy about the training. She is well spoken and everything that she presented made so much sense and one can be able to apply to our workplace”

“Kebalepile makes everyone feel comfortable, and allows us to ask questions during the course and she gives good feedback. Thank you”

“The Facilitator is very professional and I appreciate how the training was delivered. Perfect fit for the course. Thank you Kebalepile”