As part of your monthly retainer SDC Consult provides your company with professional and personalised Labour services across all industries

– Legal audits & Compliance: Ensure your company complies with prescribed legal regulations for purposes of inspections by the Department of Labour
– Drafting of employment contracts, service level agreements and executive agreements
– Assist with confidentiality and restraints of trade agreements

– Drafting of Codes, Directives, Policies & Procedures
– Ensure employer policies and work rules and practices are in line with latest trends and
established legal principles

– Initiating and presiding over internal disciplinary & grievances enquiries: Full service with recommendation made to the employer with regards to appropriate action
– Conflict management: Resolving conflict in an amicable manner by means of appropriate
interventions and facilitation and implementation of preventative measures
– SDC Consult supplies all relevant documentation with regards to internal disciplinary procedures

– Litigation
– Facilitation of S189 / S189A retrenchment & restructuring processes

– Representation at CCMA, Bargaining Councils & Labour Court
– SDC Consult assists with conciliations, arbitrations, rescission applications, interpretation and application disputes, review applications & urgent interim applications
– Unfair labour practice disputes
– Unfair dismissal disputes
– Transfer of a business
– Assist with/compile legal documents and preparing for conciliation and arbitration

SDC assists with dealings with trade unions
– Collective / centralised bargaining
– Strike / lock-out management
– Shop floor collective agreements
– Shop floor negotiations

We assist in person, telephonically and by email on a 24/7 basis